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had an interview with Steye Hallema about VR
You can read an interview with Steye Hallema
about our new project here

We tested our new project The Smartphone Orchestra with Spinvis, watch the video
We will test The Smartphone Orchestra at Night of the Nerds
Our VR music video got selected for the JAUNT VR platform.
We are going to organize a Blackmarket of Knowledge at Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

WildVreemd explores virtual reality like no company does at this moment. We are on the forefront of designing new ways of storytelling in a medium where most of the filmic language doesn’t apply anymore. We find innovative ways of editing scenes, progressing a story and keeping the viewer engaged. (read more)

WildVreemd members were also involved in VPRO VRmovie The Upgrade, nominated for Prix Europa.

What Do We Care 4 (360° Video!)

Have an iPhone or iPad? Click this link/ Oculus Rift owners! Download the file here and use this player.

Nominated for the BUMA Tech Award, Berlin MVA and UK Music Video Awards, the premier awards show dedicated to innovation and creativity in music video around the world. Shortlisted in the category ‘Best Interactive Video’, next to Coldplay and Years & Years.

★★★★ Parool – “de volgende stap in de videocliprevolutie komt gewoon uit Nederland”

(“The next step in music video revolution comes from The Netherlands”)

Bright – “…gaat het technologische wauw-gevoel voorbij. Je wordt echt een onderdeel van de video”

(“…goes beyond the technological ‘wow feeling’. You really become part of the video”)

What A Feeling (360° karaoke version)

Assignment for “”


Steye – Wonderful. See for the interactive version! from Steye on Vimeo.

Click here for the interactive version of this video.

The Cloud

The Cloud from Steye on Vimeo.

The Cloud is a fairy-tale -like adiovisual installation by Aldo Brinkhof featuring sound by Steye.

Take You On a Trip – Hoola Hoop Fun in the Club.

Take You On a Trip – Hoola Hoop Fun in the Club. from Steye on Vimeo.

Gianna Tan – ‘Take You On A Trip’
The idea of mounting a camera to a hoola hoop fitted perfectly with this song.

Chris Berens. Master of his Magical Universe

Documentarty about artist Chris Berens. Music by Steye.
Also available on the NPO website.

Do Without You

Official video for ‘Do Without You’ (from the album ‘SuperSilverStrawBerry’ (2014))

The Octopush

The Octopush from Steye on Vimeo.

Jamming with the Great Akwasi and my beat generating Video Creature the Octopush.
I trigger sounds with my Logitech game controller. Those sounds are translated to image in the form of a 7 armed monster that plays drums and bass.

My Rumblepet!

My Rumblepet! from Steye on Vimeo.

The Great Badminton Sound Experiment

the great badminton sound experiment from Steye on Vimeo.

Test to use the badminton game as a trigger for sounds. This delivers a great comic effect!

Steye & The Bizonkid LIVE

I Really Miss You

Walk On By Stranger

Steye – Walk on by Stranger from Steye on Vimeo.

Baby Come Home


Steye & The Ottowanians – Hum & Ears live show

Steye & The Ottowanians – Hum & Ears live show (at Melkweg, Amsterdam)
from Steye on Vimeo.

Steye & The Ottowanians – Hum & Ears live show (at Melkweg, Amsterdam)

Kilio Cha Haki – Documentary

Kilio Cha Haki – Documentary from Steye on Vimeo.

Short documentary about us making an hiphop record with rappers from the slums of Nairobi.


Bonehead from Steye on Vimeo.

Sometimes people are just mad, and some people make a poor effort to show them that..

Bubbles Through The Soda

Bubbles Through The Soda from Steye on Vimeo.

This is the music video for the single ‘Bubbles Through The Soda’ from my album ‘I’m just here to make you feel warm’.

I made the video myself with nothing else then my laptop and its webcam during the dull moments while mixing my album. (and a week more..;-)